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Tuscaloosa, AL Insurance Agents · TCU Agency

Life is unpredictable and sometimes takes unfortunate turns, but having insurance is having peace of mind during many of those difficult situations. At TCU Agency, we serve our customers as independent insurance agents, providing policies for many different insurance needs in Alabama, such as: auto, home, commercial, life, condo, umbrella, boat, watercraft, renters, and recreational.

Most Common Insurance Needs

Most customers begin with two basic insurance needs, auto insurance and home insurance (or renter’s insurance for non-home owners). In 2013, Alabama passed specific legislation requiring Alabama drivers to hold auto insurance for registered vehicles. TCU Agency knows Alabama law and works with customers to ensure mandatory coverage is met and can provide optional coverage too if desired.

Homeowners need insurance to protect not only the home purchased, but also personal property. Renters need insurance to protect their personal property. Homeowners and renters alike need protection from liability of accidents that result in injury to other people or property damage. Once those basic needs are met, many customers with families consider life insurance, a way to plan for the future. This type of insurance provides financial benefits in the case of the holder’s unexpected or untimely death. Let a TCU Agency independent agent help you ensure your family’s future financial security, as well as any other insurance needs you may have.

Amounts of Insurance Needed

Many of the types and amounts of insurance needed depend largely on marital and family status and other considerations, such as military status and age. TCU Agency independent insurance agents work with customers to determine not only an appropriate level of coverage to ensure security, but also coverage that is within the customer’s budget. Contact TCU Agency today for a quick quote and work with the most effective Tuscaloosa, AL independent insurance agents!