Recreational Vehicle Insurance FAQ

Having your recreational vehicle properly insured is crucial to your safety and enjoyment of your vehicle. At TCU Agency, serving Tuscaloosa, AL, we love the opportunity to educate our clients and potential clients about these important subjects. 

Do I Need RV Insurance?

Different types of RVs will have different legal requirements by state. The general rule is that if you can drive it, then it must be insured. This means that a motor home would need at least liability insurance in order to be driven legally, while a pull-behind trailer may not. In order to understand the needs for your particular RV, it will be helpful to speak with an insurance representative. For those individuals who want their RV protected, regardless of the state recommendations, it is always a good idea to have an RV policy in place. This policy will protect the investment you have made in your RV in the event there is an accident or damage to your RV. 

What Will RV Insurance Cover?

In most cases, an RV policy will provide coverage in the event that your vehicle is lost due to an accident. In most policies, your insurance will also cover any damages or injuries that your vehicle causes to another person or another vehicle. There are certain policies that can also include roadside assistance as well as other perks. 

Why Is RV Insurance Important?

RV insurance is important because it protects you and others in the event of an accident. If you are at fault in an accident involving your RV, you will want the peace of mind knowing that damages and medical expenses will not come out of your pocket. 

If you would like to learn more about RV insurance, please contact our friendly staff at TCU Agency, serving Tuscaloosa, AL.  


Three things to do to prepare when purchasing life insurance

Having adequate insurance coverage is important for those in the Tuscaloosa, AL area who have loved ones depending on them financially. At TCU Agency, we offer life insurance policies to help ensure financial security for your family. 

The following are three things that consumers need to do to prepare for purchasing a life insurance policy. 

Calculate the needs of your beneficiaries

One of the most important considerations is the coverage amount you choose. This amount depends on the financial needs of your beneficiaries. You need to figure out how much money your beneficiaries would need to cover expenses and maintain their lifestyle if something were to happen to you. 

Numerous factors impact the financial needs of your beneficiaries. Consider whether your beneficiaries will need to cover expenses like tuition. Also, consider the expense of maintaining any family properties and covering housing expenses. 

Talk with your accountant or financial advisor

It might be difficult for you to determine how much coverage you need yourself. If you have a trusted accountant or a financial advisor, you can consult them about your coverage needs. These professionals have experience advising clients regarding life insurance coverage amounts, so they could be a valuable source of advice for you. 

Research the requirements for various policies

You have to qualify for life insurance. Different policies have different requirements. Your credit score might be evaluated as part of the meeting requirements. Another important requirement for life insurance policies is a health exam.

You should research the health requirements of various policies. Some life insurance policies could be unavailable to those who smoke or who have preexisting health conditions. 

If you have more questions on finding the right life insurance policy in Tuscaloosa, AL, we’re here to help. Contact us at TCU Agency to learn more about meeting your life insurance needs. 

Condo or Townhome: What’s the Difference

Condo vs Townhome: the Nitty Gritty

Condominiums are very similar to apartments in that they are individual units residing in a block of similar buildings. However, the most important difference between a condo and an apartment is that a condo is owned by the resident. Townhomes, conversely, are attached homes that are owned by the resident. One or more walls are shared with an adjacent townhouse, but you’ll get more privacy than in a condo. 

Condo vs Townhome: Ownership

If you purchase a condo, then you are personally buying your individual unit but agree to share joint ownership of the building with the other tenants. This ownership would extend to not just the building that houses the individual condos, but also any common areas like a gym and pool. Think of owning a townhouse as similar to owing a single-family home. You own the structure and the land that the townhouse is on, but you share at least one wall with another unit. 

Condo vs Townhome: Other Factors

If you purchase a condo or townhouse you will be required to pay monthly fees to an HOA that is run by the other tenants or owners and handles the operations of shared spaces. Generally speaking, condos are less expensive to purchase because you are not buying the land that the residence sits on and instead purchase just the structure. 

Deciding whether to purchase a townhome or condo in the Tuscaloosa, AL area really boils down to which one is the best fit for you because there is no real winner between the two. Regardless of which option you select, the TCU Agency in Tuscaloosa, AL is ready to answer any of your insurance needs. Give our friendly staff at TCU Agency a call and we’ll have you on the way to ownership in no time. 



TCU Agency Renters Insurance Uses

While many homeowners are required to purchase insurance to protect their investment, most people do not realize that even renters can obtain similar coverage to protect their belongings while they are a tenant in an apartment or house owned by someone else. Renters in the Tuscaloosa, AL area can obtain excellent coverage from the local TCU Agency.  

What exactly does renters insurance cover? 

When a tenant is renting, the insurance policy of the building or house owned by the owner will protect the structure itself. However, everything that is contained within the tenant’s apartment is not covered under that policy. An incident such as fire, theft, or severe weather, can leave the tenant with serious problems and no way to pay for them. This is especially true if the tenant has valuable items such as equipment for their occupation, jewelry, and other things that are expensive or difficult to replace. There are three specific areas of loss that renters insurance policies cover. This includes the personal property inside, protection from liability and lawsuits, and additional expenses that may come with alternative plans after a loss or disaster. When a renter has coverage, the will not have to pay if they are sued because someone is hurt in their apartment, they need to move to a hotel or another building after an incident, or if their belongings are damaged or stolen. With these three types of coverage, renters do not have to worry if something terrible ever happens.   

Get started with renters insurance today

To learn more about getting renters insurance in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, talk to an agent with the TCU Agency. They can answer your questions as well as provide more advice about getting the right coverage. 

What Type of Insurance Do I Need If I Rent A Motor Home for Vacation?

The agents of TCU Agency understand that when it’s time for vacation all you want to do is get on the road. If you live in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, you will want to make sure you are properly insured if you plan on renting a motor home for your vacation. You should always have the right type of insurance in place when you are on vacation. No one wants their trip marred by an accident.

Rental Insurance

All RV rental companies offer you the option of purchasing additional insurance through their company. The insurance is written to protect them from financial loss if the RV is damaged while in your possession. If you choose to purchase additional insurance through them, it may or may not cover your possessions as well. It’s all in the fine print so read the policy thoroughly.

RV Insurance

Talk to your insurance agent. They may be able to provide you with a separate RV insurance policy that will only be in effect during the time that the RV is in your possession. This type of short-term policy is beneficial because it gives you only the coverage you need when you need it the most.

Tuscaloosa, AL residents who are planning on renting an RV for their upcoming vacation should call the agents of TCU Agency as soon as they get their plans in order. An agent will be happy to help you get the insurance coverage you need so that you have the peace of mind you want. Schedule your appointment now to talk over your options.

How Can Singles Benefit from Life Insurance?

As a single, you may feel life insurance isn’t for you as you don’t have a spouse or children to provide for after you’re gone. Life insurance benefits, however, can be used to help parents, siblings, friends, business associates or even support a local charity. If you’re young and single, here’s how a life insurance policy from TCU Agency in Tuscaloosa, AL can benefit you.

Provides Support for Loved Ones in Need

You may not have a spouse and children, but what about your parents or younger siblings or other relatives in need? Life benefits can support your parents in retirement or help put a younger sibling through college. You can designate any member of your family as a beneficiary to help them with financial support. A term life policy is fairly inexpensive and can readily fill this need.

Pay off Co-Signed Debts

Life benefits can be used to pay off co-signed debts such as private student loans, car loan or a mortgage so your parents, significant other or other co-signer doesn’t have to assume this responsibility. If you have large co-signed debts, consider a life policy to protect your co-signer(s).  

Keep a Business Running

If you’ve established a business with an associate, your untimely death could leave your business partner in trouble due to losing your financial support. By designating your business partner as a beneficiary, he will have the finances he needs to keep the business running. 

Prepare for Future Family

You can purchase life insurance as an investment in your future when you do get married and start a family. Life insurance is cheaper when you’re young, making it a worthwhile investment at this stage of your life.

To learn more about life insurance policies and costs, contact TCU Agency in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

If I have a Business Owners Policy, do I need any other insurance?

Tuscaloosa, AL is a great area for small businesses, and the whole state of Alabama is known for encouraging individual businesses. Even in such a supportive environment, you need to protect your investment, and business insurance can help protect you in several ways.

Your Business Owners Policy offers the most basic but important forms of protection: 

  • General liability coverage, which protects your business from financial harm if someone is hurt or if the property is damaged during your normal course of operation. This could happen because of defective products or even something as simple as having a visitor slip and fall on your property. Your liability coverage also covers attorney fees.
  •  Property coverage, which gives your business protection in case there is an event like a fire or theft which causes a loss to your business. 

Other Kinds of Coverage

There are several other kinds of coverage that may be added on to your BOP or which may have to be added separately. Some of these include:

  • Liquor liability, for establishments that serve alcohol, to protect them from potential lawsuits.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance, which protects both you and your employees if they are injured on the job. Any business with five or more employees needs this coverage.
  • Professional liability, for professionals like accountants and lawyers who make errors.
  • Commercial vehicle, if your business uses any kind of automobile.
  • And many other kinds of coverage.

TCU Agency can help you look at your business and decide what kinds of protection you need. If you operate in Tuscaloosa, AL, you are dealing with a contributory negligence system, meaning you can be sued even if you only had a small part in the accident. If you would like more information or a free quote, please call TCU Agency today.

DIY projects that home insurance providers love

Your premium may be pricey but such doesn’t have to be the case. There are things that you can do to spruce up your Tuscaloosa, AL home that insurance providers love. Of course, you should talk with a TCU Agency representative to learn of the many ways that you can reduce your assurance bill. For now, check out these DIY projects that insurance providers love.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) claims that working smoke detectors in the home reduce the likelihood of deaths due to fires in single-family residences by fifty percent. Carbon monoxide is considered a silent killer because the substance is invisible and many of the symptoms related to an overdose are unrecognizable until it is too late. It is little wonder, then, that having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home can save up to five percent on your insurance premium. 

New deadbolts

Deadbolt locks have proven to stand the test of time. Even with technological advances in the industry, a deadbolt still manages to keep unwanted guests out and your family safe. Insurance providers recognize the power of deadbolts, which is why they offer slight discounts to homeowners who have these locks attached to their doors. 

Wind-resistant shutters

Did you know that having wind-resistant shutters in a hurricane-prone area can save you up to thirty percent on premium rates? The secret to this product’s effectiveness lies in the material. Metal has proven itself to be durable in even the most intense weather conditions. It is, therefore, little wonder that the expense of installing shutters in Tuscaloosa, AL is minimal compared to the money saved by having them. 

TCU Agency specializes in home insurance policies. Call them today to get started with a quote for your home!

Why do You Have to Have Car Insurance?

Driving can be dangerous and having insurance to help make sure that you and your passengers are covered is a must. It is a requirement that all drivers have auto insurance but not all drivers understand why. For those that live in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, the agents with TCU Agency can help you to find the policy that works best for you.

Auto insurance is required in all states for drivers that are on the road for one specific reason, these requirements are in place to make sure that the other driver is protected. What does this mean? It means that you are required to have insurance so that if you get into an accident that is your fault, the other driver is able to get compensated and is able to recover. The same goes for the other driver if they are at fault. Auto insurance is in place to make sure that it something happens, you are not going to be required to pay for all the expenses associated with the recovery and neither is the other driver.

Your auto insurance is also in place to help make sure that if the lending agent that you have your car loan through cannot get their money back from the car, they can get their money back from the auto policy. Auto insurance is vital and since every car is different, you need to be able to recover after a car accident. You want to have an auto policy in place that is going to cover all eventualities and that is going to help make sure you are fully covered. For those that live in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, the agents with TCU Agency can help you get the policy that is going to work for you.  

Do I need condo Insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL

When you purchase a condo, whether it is your first home or forever home, it is a major investment. The laws of the state of Alabama do not require that you have condo insurance but if you have a mortgage your lender most likely will. In addition to the insurance that you carry on your unit, the condominium association where you live is required to carry insurance. If you are not sure what you need or want to have for condo insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL, TCU Agency has staff who are trained to answer your questions. 

Master Policy

The master policy is held by your condo association. It covers the exterior of the building and common walls between units. It also has liability coverage for the common areas such as sidewalks, parking lot and pool area. You should ask for and read a copy of the coverage since this is protecting your investment as well as everyone else’s. 

Unit Policy

The unit policy is your personal coverage, It covers the interior walls, your personal property including furniture, appliances, and electronics. Some of the hazards it covers are fire, theft, and vandalism. Additionally, it will provide you with the money to find another place to stay if your condo is damaged and is uninhabitable. Liability is an important part of your coverage. If someone is injured while visiting your condo or if your pet or yourself injures someone away from home you are protected. 

Generally speaking, condo insurance is similar to a basic home insurance policy. How much coverage you need depends on the value of your condo and your personal property. Our helpful staff at TCU Agency in Tuscaloosa, AL are there to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or stop by our office, you will be glad you did.