Keep Calm and Drive On

Road rage is a bigger issue than most people realize, and it can be dangerous for both parties.  There are ways to help cope with this issue while maneuvering a multi-ton steel projectile speeding down the highway. 

Tips for Coping with Road Rage

  • Drink a cup of coffee. This may seem counter intuitive, however a cup of coffee can actually help certain people calm down. If you find that sitting still for the commute is difficult then you may benefit from a cup of Joe.  Just make sure it is not too hot or you may have a fresh set of issues. 
  • Enjoy an audio book. A distraction is a great way to step out of the moment and perhaps not have a flare up of road rage if you are susceptible, and not be as stressed over someone else’s road rage. Certain books maybe should be avoided for their own rage inducing qualities though (Game of Thrones we’re looking at you). 
  • Increase your tint. It is said that people who are prone to road rage, may be the same people who are perfectly polite at other times if the altercation is face to face. So increased tint may seem counter productive. However not being able to be seen when you loose your cool can make you feel pretty silly and in cases of other people’s rage, they will likely not be quit so quick to cuss you out if they don’t know exactly who is in the car, and how many. 

Keeping safe on the road involves many aspect from good tires to an alert mind, you do your part and TCU Agency will keep you covered if anything does go wrong on the road. After all, knowing your insurance company has your back is a great way to calm your mind when faced with enraging drivers.