The Coverage of Personal Umbrella Insurance

If you are looking at additional insurance options in Tuscaloosa, AL, you may be interested in something known as personal umbrella insurance. This coverage is a bit different from what you’re probably used to, so going in a bit further into what the insurance coverage offers is desirable. At TCU Agency, we want to make sure you have the-the right coverage for your personal needs. 

The More You Own, The More Your Coverage Grows

Do you own a house and a vehicle? If so, you might want to consider this. A personal umbrella policy (PUP) is a form of insurance coverage that expands upon your liability insurance. So, for example, if your vehicle or home is damaged due to a wide range of issues, your property is covered. This might be weather causing damage to your home or someone breaking into your vehicle. Whatever it is, the personal umbrella policy can cover everything put under the policy. So, instead of opting for individualized liability coverage for each item you own, the umbrella coverage encompasses all of it. 

Boats As Well

PUP isn’t just for your car or home, though. It can include everything you might own and use externally. If you ride a motorcycle, it can fall under your umbrella insurance coverage (you still need proper motorcycle insurance to stay legal and for injury liabilities, as these are separate). A boat can fall under this as well. With the aid of personal umbrella insurance, your vehicles, and other items placed under the coverage is protected when damaged. The best way to determine if this is the right kind of insurance for you and whether you should add this on to your current insurance policies is to consult the professionals at the TCU Agency.