RV Trip Coverage Across the Border

Traveling and vacationing with an RV is the best way to use the vehicle and what it was designed for. Long road trips with a faraway destination and a good camp site should be at the top of the list for anyone with or considering using an RV. However, some really good spots aren’t necessarily in the U.S. Both Canada and Mexico have some great camping locations that are RV-ready but clearly in another country. Folks need to remember that just because there is a great destination to head to internationally, that doesn’t mean their vehicle policy is going to go with them.

Vehicle insurance policies are generally written for domestic use only. Travel in the lower 48 is typically no issue, and insurance coverage is generally manageable from California to Florida. However, as soon as an RV moves across the national border, the contract wording typically nullifies any coverage. To go into Canada or Mexico with his RV a policyholder either needs to make sure an existing policy does cover border travel (usually up to 100 miles inland) or takes out a new policy specifically for travel in the given country. Otherwise, the RV driver is essentially traveling without insurance altogether.

Taking chances with no insurance is a bad idea but particularly problematic outside the U.S. In Mexico, for example, getting into an accident without car insurance can literally get a person arrested and put in jail on the spot. It’s simply not worth the trouble on an RV vacation. Those in the Tuscaloosa, AL area can easily get an international insurance policy from the TCU Agency for short trips or longer stays. And these policies don’t have to be year-long in length when your travels aren’t. Keep your RV adventures enjoyable and not a memory to forget.