Fall Home Checklist Before the Rains Arrive

Fall is a time for change as the weather moves from the warm summer to cold winter and the holidays. Along with the weather change, of course, comes rain and snow, both of which take a toll on a home and it’s roof. That’s why every homeowner should make a point of using the preparation time available in the Fall to check his or her home roofing before problems occur. A basic checklist should include all of the following:

  • Checking all the gutters work properly by spraying water on the roof and letting it run into the gutter and down the drainpipes. A clean system should have a quick and smooth running drainage without any blockage.
  • Looking signs of rust or cracking in gutter bottom surfaces, signaling potential failure when the weight of water begins to accumulate.
  • Removing any bird nests or debris that may have deposited in the roof gutters during the dry months. A hose with a pressure nozzle works exceptionally well for this kind of cleaning.
  • Looking for any overhanging tree branches and leaves that are on the roof or house. These need to be cut back and removed where possible to prevent wind-caused damage from repeating impact.
  • Examining the roof tiles to spot any damage or exposed locations that can turn into leaks through the sub-roofing layers.
  • Going into the attic and looking for signs of any pest damage. Any holes or gaps should be sealed up with wire mesh at a minimum.

The biggest cost of the above tasks is time on a weekend. And prevention can save significant costs later on. For more ideas on how to prepare for winter, give the TCU Agency a call. Their Tuscaloosa, AL experience with damage claims can provide valuable ideas how to avoid rain and winter leakage problems, and they can give guidance on home coverage for those problems that can’t be avoided.