What Health Factors Determine Your Life Insurance Rates

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Many commercials for insurance products that you view on television or the internet today boast about having no health questions. This is a facet of life insurance that heavily relies on individual preference. To ask or not to ask is solely based on the insurance product that you are interested in purchasing as well as the agency you are doing business with.

Asking health questions or perhaps even having new clients complete a medical screening is not a bad idea. It protects you and sometimes you may find out about a health problem you were not aware of.

Smoking of tobacco products will undoubtedly translate to higher premiums no matter which company you do business with. This is the case whether or not the cigarette smoking is proving to be detrimental to your health. This truth is one of the top reasons people decide to stop smoking. 

Some other medical conditions which may determine a higher premium rate are certain cancers, blood disorders, immune system deficiency disorders, and hypertension.  The reasoning is simple – these serious disorders may lead to untimely death thus the higher premium rates.       

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