I Rent My House: Do I Need Insurance?

While your landlord carries insurance on your rented Tuscaloosa, AL house, their policy is not there to protect your personal wealth, well being, or even to help out in times of need.  A renters insurance policy from the TCU Agency helps to fill in the gaps left behind and protect your savings account.

Will My Possessions be Replaced in Case of Fire?

If there is a fire, the landlord will be able to rebuild the house.  They are not going to replace your furniture, clothes, pots, pans…you name it. For a very modest monthly cost, renters insurance will help you replace all those essentials in a timely manner without emptying out your retirement account.

Who Pays for the Hotel when the Power Goes Out?

Let’s say that the power cuts out during one of the worst heat waves in history. The sump pump stops working and your rented house is filling up with water. You need to stay in a hotel because you can’t stay here. While your landlord might cover the cost of a hotel while the house is fixed, there are no guarantees. Your renters insurance can pick up the slack without maxing out your credit cards. 

My Friend Tripped in the Kitchen. Am I Liable for their Medical Bills?

Probably, yes. Unless they tripped due to a heaving subfloor, the liability for the accident will remain with you. Liability coverage on your renters insurance will help get your friend’s medical bills covered and avoid the strain of sorting out expenses in person. Meanwhile, you are not expected to foot a $5,000 visit to the ER, rehab, and a loss of income.

Give the friendly and knowledgeable agents at the TCU Agency a call and ask about renters insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL today.