Tips On How To Make Sure Your Teen Is A Safe Driver

The agents at TCU Agency serve residents who live in or near the Tuscaloosa, AL area. They understand the frustration many parents feel when their teen first starts to drive. To prevent some of the anxiety they feel, they need to make sure their teen understands the basics of safe driving.

Sign Them Up For A Defensive Driving Course

Signing your teen up for a defensive driving course will not only teach them the rules of the road, it will give them real experience as well. Many defensive driving courses offer students one on one driving time which allows the instructor to offer the new driver pointers on how to remain safe in all situations.

Let Them Drive More When You Leave The House

The best way for your teen to learn how to drive safely is to let them drive more often. Allow them to drive in different types of weather and when you go on vacation. Different types of situations give them a wide variety of experience to draw from when they start to drive on their own. Encourage them to drive as often as possible so they get the practice they need while you can be with them to answer questions.

At TCU Agency, the goal is to put the minds of Tuscaloosa, AL parents at ease when it comes to their teens starting to drive. A safe driver is one who has actual time on the road in different situations and scenarios. If you have questions about defensive driving classes or tips on how to keep your teen safe behind the wheel, schedule an appointment with your agent today.

Things to Do to Your Vehicle Before a Road Trip

It is the time of year that people start to take road trips. There are so many great places that are within driving distance from Tuscaloosa, AL so it makes sense that people in the area go on a lot of road trips. Before you get started on your road trip, however, you should make sure that your vehicle is ready for the trip. Use these tips from TCU Agency to make sure you do everything you can to prepare your car for a road trip. 

  • Get your oil changed. Before you go on any lengthy road trip, you should make sure that your oil has been changed and is at the optimum level. You can take it to your closest body shop to have this done. 
  • Get your tires inspected. You want to ensure that your tires are in great condition for the road trip. Look for any signs that your tires are worn down. If they are, you should get some new ones before you hit the road. 
  • Get your brakes checked. Along with your tired, you should also get your brakes checked to make sure they are in great shape. The colder weather can do some damage to your brakes so you should make sure they are ready to go for the summer. You can get this looked at while you are getting your oil changed.

Imagine all of the great places you can go to now that your car is ready to go! Just make sure that you have a great auto insurance policy in place to further protect you. To make sure you have a good policy in place or to get some quotes, be sure to reach out to TCU Agency, serving Tuscaloosa, AL, today. 

Do Teen Drivers Need to be Insured on All Cars in the Household?

Teen drivers are a tricky subject and most insurance holders are not all that certain about how to insure these drivers. It is important to keep in mind that you should have your teen driver insured properly to help protect you, the other driver, and your teen in the event of an accident. If you are living in the Tuscaloosa, AL are, the agents with TCU Agency can better explain how to properly insure your teen driver.

When it comes to adding drivers to cars, generally you can get away with only insuring drivers on the cars that they primarily drive. This means that you do not have to insure your teen driver on each and every car that is on your policy or in your household but rather, just on the car that the teen driver is the primary driver.

In most cases, a teen driver is going to have their own car or have one car that they drive primarily and that is the most important car to have the driver listed on. If you have a teen that drives all the cars in the household, you may want to insure them as a driver on all of them. Another great rule of thumb to remember is that if the driver is insured on the policy and they have permission to drive another car on the policy that they are not listed as the primary driver for, they are still going to be covered.

Most policies are concerned mainly with making sure that drivers are listed somewhere on the policy even if they are not primary drivers. For those that are in the Tuscaloosa, AL area, the agents with TCU Agency can explain in depth how to make sure your teen is fully covered on your policy.  

Keep Calm and Drive On

Road rage is a bigger issue than most people realize, and it can be dangerous for both parties.  There are ways to help cope with this issue while maneuvering a multi-ton steel projectile speeding down the highway. 

Tips for Coping with Road Rage

  • Drink a cup of coffee. This may seem counter intuitive, however a cup of coffee can actually help certain people calm down. If you find that sitting still for the commute is difficult then you may benefit from a cup of Joe.  Just make sure it is not too hot or you may have a fresh set of issues. 
  • Enjoy an audio book. A distraction is a great way to step out of the moment and perhaps not have a flare up of road rage if you are susceptible, and not be as stressed over someone else’s road rage. Certain books maybe should be avoided for their own rage inducing qualities though (Game of Thrones we’re looking at you). 
  • Increase your tint. It is said that people who are prone to road rage, may be the same people who are perfectly polite at other times if the altercation is face to face. So increased tint may seem counter productive. However not being able to be seen when you loose your cool can make you feel pretty silly and in cases of other people’s rage, they will likely not be quit so quick to cuss you out if they don’t know exactly who is in the car, and how many. 

Keeping safe on the road involves many aspect from good tires to an alert mind, you do your part and TCU Agency will keep you covered if anything does go wrong on the road. After all, knowing your insurance company has your back is a great way to calm your mind when faced with enraging drivers.