What Types of Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL?

If you own a business that employs drivers, you should consider commercial auto insurance. This includes delivery services, transportation services and any business that requires a lot of driving. Your TCU Agency agent can help you determine if your Tuscaloosa, AL Company would benefit from commercial auto coverage. In the meantime, here is some additional information to get you started.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you’re a commercial driver or own a business that employs CDL drivers, it’s important to be aware of federal and state laws. For example, food delivery and child care pickups require commercial auto insurance, so personal coverage isn’t enough. At a minimum, your coverage must include bodily injury liability and property damage liability, but there are many other options available.

Additional Coverage Options

Besides the basics, ask your TCU Agency agent if the following policies would help you protect your Tuscaloosa AL business in the event of an accident and resulting law suit.

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance pays for damages to your vehicle in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • PIP with medical coverages. Personal injury protection (PIP) with medical payments pays the expenses if your passengers are injured in an accident.
  • Emergency roadside insurance. This can be critical if you or your drivers travel cross-country and are at risk for an expensive breakdown in a remote area.
  • Personal effects insurance. This takes care of personal belongings in the event of theft.

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What Types of Boats can be Insured with Boat Insurance?

There are many types of boats. From bass boats to yachts, you need to make sure you have yourself properly covered with the right type of insurance for these assets. And even if your boat isn’t worth a lot of money, having minimal coverage on it may be required by law. For now, let’s take a look at the different types of boats that you should consider having insurance on. 

Small Jon Boat

A small Jon boat can often be purchased for only a few hundred dollars. And while you may not want to spend a lot of money each month on insurance for this type of boat, you need to consider the cost of not doing so. Take for example that your boat sinks in the lake and you have to pay to have it removed; this can cost thousands of dollars. With the right insurance coverage, though, you don’t have to worry about digging in your own pocket to pay for boat removal. 

Bass Boat

Bass boats are often fairly expensive. You are going to want to keep yours protected with insurance. If you are keeping your boat at a marina, there is a good chance that the marina owner will mandate that you keep insurance on your boat in case something were to happen to it while it is at the dock, such as another boat hits it that doesn’t have insurance coverage. Marina owners also want you to have coverage in case you run into the dock and mess up either the dock or your boat. 

To learn more about the different types of boats that need insurance coverage, please contact the TCU Agency serving the Tuscaloosa, AL area. 

I Rent My House: Do I Need Insurance?

While your landlord carries insurance on your rented Tuscaloosa, AL house, their policy is not there to protect your personal wealth, well being, or even to help out in times of need.  A renters insurance policy from the TCU Agency helps to fill in the gaps left behind and protect your savings account.

Will My Possessions be Replaced in Case of Fire?

If there is a fire, the landlord will be able to rebuild the house.  They are not going to replace your furniture, clothes, pots, pans…you name it. For a very modest monthly cost, renters insurance will help you replace all those essentials in a timely manner without emptying out your retirement account.

Who Pays for the Hotel when the Power Goes Out?

Let’s say that the power cuts out during one of the worst heat waves in history. The sump pump stops working and your rented house is filling up with water. You need to stay in a hotel because you can’t stay here. While your landlord might cover the cost of a hotel while the house is fixed, there are no guarantees. Your renters insurance can pick up the slack without maxing out your credit cards. 

My Friend Tripped in the Kitchen. Am I Liable for their Medical Bills?

Probably, yes. Unless they tripped due to a heaving subfloor, the liability for the accident will remain with you. Liability coverage on your renters insurance will help get your friend’s medical bills covered and avoid the strain of sorting out expenses in person. Meanwhile, you are not expected to foot a $5,000 visit to the ER, rehab, and a loss of income.

Give the friendly and knowledgeable agents at the TCU Agency a call and ask about renters insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL today.



5 Reasons to Consider Buying Boat Insurance

Picture this: You’re out on the lake in your boat, having a great time. But do you have the insurance coverage you need if you’re in an accident? For anyone in the Tuscaloosa, AL area who loves boating, here are 5 things to know about boat insurance:

1. Boat Insurance Covers Your Boat

Boat insurance covers your own boat if you are in an accident. Your boat could be paid off, but if you are in an accident and don’t have boat insurance, you could end up paying for costly repairs. If your boat is a smaller vessel, then it could be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. However, usually larger boats, especially motorized ones, won’t be covered, and you’ll want boat insurance in order to insure the full cost of your boat is covered. 

2. Boat Insurance Covers You and the Other Passengers

In case you are in an accident, your policy can also cover you and your passengers’ medical expenses.

3. There Is Insurance for Other Watercraft As Well

Other type of insurance for watercraft include Jet Skis, yachts and fishing boats.

4. TCU Agency Can Help You Find the Boat Insurance You Need

Contact TCU Agency online for boat insurance in Alabama, both online or at 205-758-1880. They can help you answer any questions you may have about boat insurance, as well as the specifics of various plans. 

5. Your Bank Might Require You Have Boat Insurance

Many banks require proof of insurance for the full cost of the boat for financing. People who want to moor their boat are a port or marina are probably also going to need boat insurance, as many of these facilities require it.

TCU Agency is serving the Tuscaloosa, AL area in their boat insurance needs and can help answer your questions about boat insurance.

When Do I Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

You may have heard of umbrella insurance policies, but are unsure if one is relevant for your lifestyle or business. You may be asking yourself if it’s a good idea to consider an umbrella insurance policy along with your auto, home or commercial insurance policies. First, consider what an umbrella policy will cover that your current policy(ies) won’t:

  • Umbrella insurance provides extra liability insurance coverage in addition to your current insurance policies
  • Umbrella insurance covers a large variety of lawsuits- including grisly accidents, frivolous lawsuits, accidents, malpractice, disability and workers compensation insurance as well as legal fees
  • Umbrella insurance can be applied for auto, commercial and home insurance policies

Umbrella insurance is a surefire way to practice risk aversion. Consider that most home and auto policies will cover their consumers for up to $500,000. Yet, 13% of liability awards, personal injury settlements, awards and judgements are over $1 million. With general policies, you are left holding the liability to pay from your own pocket. An umbrella policy provides that additional, much needed protection.

Why Invest in an Umbrella Policy?

If you are sued for any reason, your assets immediately are at risk. Your assets include your income, your car, house, bank accounts as well as any investment and even retirement accounts and future income. Without an umbrella policy, your assets become prey to lawyers and potential lawsuits and thus, they can be drained and squandered through judgments, awards and exorbitant legal fees. Investing in an insurance policy is a way of being proactive in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Don’t lament after losing your assets. Learn more and get started with an umbrella insurance policy today.

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Umbrella Insurance: What it Does and Doesn’t Cover

It’s tough to predict whether you could end up losing a lawsuit that’s a result of an accident that takes place on your property or a car accident. You never know how much could be awarded to the party that wins, which means you’re at risk for devastating financial loss if this ever occurs to you. To prevent this financial loss that’s a result of unforeseen events, an umbrella insurance policy in Tuscaloosa, AL is an excellent investment.

Why Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance ensures that your current and future personal assets, such as inheritance and wages, against the cost of a lost lawsuit due to an accident on your property or a car accident. Losing this type of lawsuit could result in you paying for the winning party’s lost wages, medical expenses, and more. This policy isn’t just for the wealthy. If you don’t have assets, it’s possible that your wages could be garnished to pay the winning party.

What Does It Cover?

What’s actually covered by umbrella insurance? This policy will give you coverage that goes beyond what your current auto and homeowner’s policies offer. It will cover amounts that go beyond your other policies and usually this policy will pay for legal expenses as well. Of course, policies can vary, so it’s a good idea to talk to your local TCU Agency to find out more specific details.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

It’s important to note that umbrella insurance is a type of personal insurance. This means it doesn’t protect from any lawsuits that are related to your business. It won’t cover high-risk, unnecessary uses of a vehicle, such as drag racing, and it may not cover all vehicles, such as farm tractors or recreational vehicles. You also won’t be protected if you have to pay restitution because you committed a crime.

Protecting your personal assets is important, and purchasing umbrella insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL isn’t expensive, so it’s easy to ensure you’re protected from devastating financial loss. Learn more about umbrella insurance by contacting your local TCU Agency for more information. 

Do I need to get an insurance policy for my condo if I’m renting it out?

TCU Agency, serving Tuscaloosa, AL, wants to help you with your condo insurance needs. Condo insurance is different from regular house insurance, because an HOA is responsible for much of the property around your condo. You are only responsible for the inner portions, not the commonly shared areas. Consequently, the Homeowners Association is required to insure the common areas, while you are only responsible for insuring the part you own. If you own a condo but are not currently living in it, you may be looking at what your responsibilities would be if you rented it out.

Your Duties as a Landlord

In Alabama, you have a duty as a landlord to make your rental property safe and habitable. Your place will need to meet all health and safety codes. If anything goes wrong, you will need to make any repairs to make your property safe and livable again.

Your Rental Contract

You can have a rental agreement where you require your renters to have their own insurance. It is possible that the rental agreement may be enforced instead of state law, unless the parties have agreed to something illegal. But the insurance they can get as renters will only cover personal property. Courts don’t enforce contracts where the parties agreed to something illegal. Because Alabama specifically gives landlords certain responsibilities, a contract cannot change that obligation.

You will need to maintain insurance on your condo even if you’re renting it out, in order to make sure that any major damages are covered. If you want help with your current insurance needs for your condo, contact TCU Agency, serving Tuscaloosa, AL.

What Health Factors Determine Your Life Insurance Rates

Tuscaloosa, AL is the site of our robust facility filled with agents who are eager to make your acquaintance. You may wonder how we manage at TCU Agency to be so attentive to the details of your policy. It is because we understand that your time is valuable, so we are diligent and we get it right the first time. 

Many commercials for insurance products that you view on television or the internet today boast about having no health questions. This is a facet of life insurance that heavily relies on individual preference. To ask or not to ask is solely based on the insurance product that you are interested in purchasing as well as the agency you are doing business with.

Asking health questions or perhaps even having new clients complete a medical screening is not a bad idea. It protects you and sometimes you may find out about a health problem you were not aware of.

Smoking of tobacco products will undoubtedly translate to higher premiums no matter which company you do business with. This is the case whether or not the cigarette smoking is proving to be detrimental to your health. This truth is one of the top reasons people decide to stop smoking. 

Some other medical conditions which may determine a higher premium rate are certain cancers, blood disorders, immune system deficiency disorders, and hypertension.  The reasoning is simple – these serious disorders may lead to untimely death thus the higher premium rates.       

Next time you are in Tuscaloosa, AL come into the TCU Agency office and see for yourself. Our kind and conscientious staff will show you we mean business when it comes to serving you and your insurance needs with strength, vitality, and quality. Speak to an agent today to make certain you have sufficient life insurance coverage.  

5 Steps to a Cooler Home This Summer

As much as you look forward to outdoor fun in the sun this summer, keeping your Tuscaloosa, AL home cool and comfy without paying high energy bills can be a challenge. Here are a few ways you can beat the heat of summer without straining your budget.


Limit the amount of sunlight entering your home to maintain a cooler environment. Closing curtains or lowering blinds will help block out sunlight during the heat of the day. For a long term solution, consider planting shade trees at strategic locations on your property to keep your home cooler in summer.

Programmable Thermostat

Invest in a programmable thermostat. This device will automatically adjust your home’s interior temperature to coincide with your comings and goings, so you benefit from a cool home at less cost. 

Ceiling Fans

Combine the use of ceiling fans with your AC system to keep your home cooler during the heat of summer. By setting your fans to revolve counterclockwise, you’ll get the cool breezes you desire.


Have your AC serviced before summer hits in earnest to ensure you get maximum performance for the season. Annual AC maintenance and repair will extend the lifespan of your unit so you and your family can enjoy cool and comfy summers for years to come.


Limit the use of your oven during summer to reduce heat input into your home environment. Summer’s a good time to brush up on your outdoor grilling skills and experiment with new meal plans that minimize oven use for the season.

As summer approaches, you may also want to review your home insurance policy with TCU Agency, Tuscaloosa, AL, to ensure it’s up to date with your current needs. For changes or updates to your insurance coverage, talk to a TCU Agency representative today.

Am I ready for commercial insurance for my Tuscaloosa business?

When you first start a business, you know that you are eventually going to have to invest in a commercial insurance policy. But when? For some businesses, the answer is: right away. If you’re investing in a restaurant venture, for instance, then you need to make sure you’re fully insured from the start. On the other hand, if you don’t have a physical location in Tuscaloosa, AL for your software startup, if it’s just you and a friend writing code in a garage, when do you call TCU Agency about a commercial policy?

A basic rule of thumb for buying commercial insurance: You don’t absolutely need coverage until your business consists of more than you can comfortably afford to lose. If your business consists solely of a laptop and a half-finished phone app backed up on a dozen thumb drives and cloud servers, there’s not much need for commercial insurance just yet.

But, you might need a commercial policy a lot sooner than you think. Once a month in the early days of your startup, you should take stock of your assets. You can build an office faster than you think. You might have one camera and a green screen for your home video studio, but that quickly becomes several cameras valued at a few grand, top of the line audio equipment and a high-powered PC for doing CGI and video editing.

You want to add all of that up, look at the total, and ask yourself: If all this stuff gets damaged in a flood or a fire or something, can I replace it on my own dime?

If the answer is no, give TCU Agency a call and ask about commercial policies for your Tuscaloosa, AL business.